The Advantages of Card Games

While internet gambling presents plenty of opportunities for innovation in all spheres, some things never change. A good example is card games. Hundreds and even thousands of slot machines are available; the number of game developers is growing, new games appear every week, while the quality of their graphics keeps getting better on a yearly basis. Yet, any online casino (See more on our page: is still more than willing to satisfy the customers’ demand for card games.
There are several reasons for such everlasting popularity of card games. First of all the basis of most of the games of cards is the same standard deck consisting of 52 cards. Every suit, whether spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds, includes 13 cards, which are numbers from 2 to 10 and three face cards, namely Jack, Queen and King that represent royal figures, which is why they are also called court cards. The last but not at all least is Ace, which is in many games considered the highest card of the deck. Some games also demand the wild cards of Joker, which is most often used to substitute any other one or grant the most points. There are usually two of them in a deck.
On such a simple basis, a countless multitude of games have been developed over the course of centuries. Every country in the world has its own card games and most of the regions have different varieties of more common ones. The rules may be as simple as drawing a card of a bigger value from the deck than your opponent does, or as complicated as the rules of professional poker with all its puzzling combinations and wagering peculiarities. Out of many games there are, every player is free to choose those that he or she likes the most. There are games, which are perfect for a party, games for children and seniors, games for dozens of players at the same table and all those countless variations of solitaire, sometimes called patience, which can be played all alone. Some games require several decks of cards, while others use only several cards of a deck.
Out of that almost endless ocean of games, three are known all over the world. Having different histories behind them, they are played in almost any country, in every casino there is. We are talking about Blackjack, Poker and Baccarat. Blackjack originated from France, where it was called “21”. Its variants are played virtually everywhere, from cold Siberian prison camps to luxurious casinos of Monte Carlo. Every card has its value and the aim here is to gather a hand of cards, which would amount to 21 or as close to that number as possible.
The game of Poker is currently the most popular one on Earth. Surprisingly, it has also spread from France, where it was called “Poque”. The aim here is to gather one of the many possible combinations which have a strict hierarchy depending on how difficult it is to get one. The most interesting feature of poker is the strategy of bluffing when a player can pretend having a high hand so well, that everybody else would just fold, giving him or her the whole pot without even looking at the cards.
Baccarat is one of the simplest, yet oldest games there is. It originally appeared half a millennium ago in Italy and since then it has spread all over the world to such an extent that almost every casino nowadays invariably has a baccarat table or even several of them. While the two previously mentioned games require a lot of skill combined with luck, the game of baccarat is almost purely depends on chance and good betting management. It takes a whole of eight card decks to play the game, so counting what cards are left out there is almost out of the question.
Card games have a history almost as long as that of civilization itself. They evolve and change as the centuries pass, but one thing will remain forever: as long as there is gambling, no matter virtual or real, there will be card games.

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