The Woman Won a Progressive Jackpot at Slotland

One of the oldest and the most experienced and modern gambling sites gave away a large prize in a size of $148,711. A gambler, started spinning the reels three years ago, got recently the massive jackpot playing the Lucky Stars slot machine. Of course, the winner is shocked now and surprised a lot with such event. The vanquisher who is famous as SOUTHBELLE said that she is embarrassed enough with all this and she doesn’t know exactly what would be better to do with her prize. «First though, my brother has been going through some tough times lately so I’m going to help him with some of the bills that have piled up», – she informed.

The game in which the woman has won is called Lucky Stars. It is one of the most popular and favorite games among both new and experienced players. It is a five-payline slot machine game which has five chances to win. Each payline which has a bet placed on it can hit a jackpot. Its “Hold” feature activates suddenly. There is also a special bonus that multiplies all winning money by 10. Last time this game had a winner with such large prize 3 years ago, in December of 2007.

Slotland Manager Michael Hilary informed, that people usually play online casino games less in summer the in other seasons. For these 3 years the staff has watched over several major prizes, but this one is the largest. All of the slots at Slotland are connected with this jackpot. Always when a guest of the casino plays max bet on any of the available games, some of the stake goes into the progressive jackpot pool. Hitting the right combination with a max bet placed wins the progressive jackpot. In Lucky Stars, a max bet is only $2. If five bars appear on a line with a $2 bet, the jackpot is won. Players say that they like play Lucky Stars because there’s a bit of slots strategy involved. When you get the ‘hold’ feature you need decide if you want to save what you have already got or to risk on another spin. Bonus rounds multiply wins, so if you feel you are near to hitting what you want you would better to bet max to make all possible to achieve your aim.

Slotland can boast now of about 15 exceptional slot machines and video poker games. Four of them, and Lucky Stars is among them, can be loaded on mobile phones and PDAs. All Slotland’s games are instant and don’t need loading or installing. Several are updated recently and have now new more modern and adorable graphics and sounds. After this victory a new jackpot consists $50,000 at the moment. At Slotland’s sister casino WinADayCasino, whose games are available from the Slotland games lobby, the jackpot is now more then $85K.