Online Roulette: Tips, Casino List

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Payments: VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, POLi, Ukash
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Payments: VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, POLi, Ukash
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The main idea of such kind of theories is quite clear and simple, you need to place bets in a way to cover the whole table, in such a way you will have all the numbers covered and you will reduce the risk to zero.

Certainly, the name of the game doesn’t reflect the real situation and can be a kind of misnomer, because if you decide really to cover the whole table, for instance you will bet on black and red, you will not get any profit, moreover you have a chance to lose if you remember about the existing of the 0 pocket. But in spite of it this idea is quite interesting and tempting. So do we have some ways to cover the whole table and decrease the possible risks?

Tips for beginners

There are some exiting strategies which seem to work pretty well:
You can place bets on two columns and some colour.
3 chips on 1-18 and 2 chips on the third dozen for a 1 chip profit
3 chips on the 19-36 and the first dozen, you will loses on 7 numbers in a case you play European roulette
You bet 5 units the first and the second column and first unit on the four blacks in the third column splits.
You bet 5 units the first and the second column with first unit on 4 reds on the second column splits.
You bet first dozen and first column at the same time
Play 35 numbers

All of the strategies for online roulette for real money really works, but the main problem of these types of systems is they also reduce your return on investment, so you may not over completely you previous losses. Anytime you have some numbers “open”, in other words you can’t really bet on everything.

You can test all of them and understand which you like most, but be realistic and be ready to stop in time. Remember when you decide to play roulette according to some system that the strategy is not the guarantee of your win. Certainly you increase your chances to get the payout, but don’t dream about some great jackpot after reading how to play guides. The chances to win are pretty high and at the most part of cases you will win some money, but don’t be too enthusiastic about it.